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We are the UK distributors of many fine brands such as Alvarez Guitars, Lakewood Guitars, Levinson Guitars, G&L Guitars and Blade Guitars Electric and Basses plus the Altamira Gypsy Jazz instruments and BBE accessories lines for all the sounds you've never heard and the sounds you want to add. We hope you enjoy your time here on our site and we intend to keep it constantly updated with product news and relevant feeds from around the world.

It is important to us that every Guitar that leaves us is set up and tested by a luthiers to ensure that it is in the optimum playing condition so that the enjoyment of the instruments begins when it is first played.

Joe Bonamassa's guitar tech talks Alvarez

The GAK team are on location at the Brighton Centre for the last date of Joe Bonamassa's UK Tour, where we catch up with Joe Bonamassa's tech Mike Hickey who details Bonamassa's current solo rig that includes vintage Gibson Les Pauls, Firebirds, doubleneck-baritone Music Man guitar.

We now stock

Go To Guitars is proud to announce its partnership with Gary E Levinson and Blade Guitars

Following negotiations at the Frankfurt Messe the iconic and ground breaking Blade guitars will be back in UK stores by the early part of June as Go To Guitars sets about the re-launch of this famous name. Under the agreement Gary Levinson's innovative Acoustic brand will also join Go To Guitar's profile. Uniquely the Levinson Acoustics are built in the Far East from European tone-woods, such as English Walnut, personally selected by Gary Levinson and returned to Europe as finished instruments. Both lines are under the strict quality control of Gary Levinson himself at his workshops in Basle Switzerland.

Go To Guitars MD Tony Owens stated that "moving into European products such as Lakewood, Levinson and Blade gives us a competitive edge over many American built brands both in quality and price. Gary Levinson has succeeded where many have tried, in creating a brands that combines Tradition with a Modern look that are acceptable to the eye and good to play. They further add to our growing presence in the UK Guitar market place".

Gary Levinson added following the meetings in Frankfurt "Go To Guitars was certainly our partner of choice to build in the UK market and we are delighted that we can now work with Tony and his professional staff."

Picture shows Gary Levinson and Tony Owens at Frankfurt Messe.

Go To Guitars scoop 3 awards in the Gear of the Year Awards

Alvarez AP70 wins "Best Acoustic under £500" - Read Review >>

Breedlove Cascade C25CRE wins "Best Electro Acoustic over £500" - Read Review >>

G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe runner up in "Best Electric Guitar £500 to £1,000" - Read Review >>

The G&L Guitars

New to Goto Guitars: G&L's Jerry Cantrell Signature Model "Rampage". Click here to view.

Download the USA Series and Tribute brochures.


The new M-Series basses click here to see range.

Joe Bonamassa chooses Alvarez acoustics

If anyone can lay claim to being the world's hottest guitarist in 2012 then surely it is Joe Bonamassa who many regard as the modern king of blues guitar but Joe is far more versatile than the Blues tag would allow you to believe, as his upcoming acoustic tour will lay testament to.

Joe, is seen here playing one his Alvarez models which will heavily feature in his up and coming acoustic world tour.

In an interview with Guitar & Bass magazine in the UK, (August 2012 edition), Joe lists his guitars thus "Joe's trio of '59 Les Pauls is augmented by a 1960, two 1960 dot-neck 335's a '64 Firebird, a '53 Tele and about eight or nine Les Paul Historics ranging from a Joe Bonamassa model to a gary Rossington plus other re-issues. He also has a couple of Musicmans and a few Alvarez Acoustics" That is quite a collection of high class instruments as I am sure you will agree?

The Dean of Guitars & Go To Guitars

We have now received stock of the DBZ guitars and have been amazed by the stunning quality of these instruments. It is easy to see why Dean B Zelinsky felt that he had to make the difficult choice of setting up a new company in order to regain artistic and production control of his Guitars. We at Go To Guitars are left wondering how guitars of this quality can reach the end user at such low prices compared to others on the market. Dean is not just designing guitars, he is making a statement about where he believes the modern new wave player wants to be and at the same time providing instruments to suit players of all styles and age groups.

Please feel free to down load the catalogue in our DBZ section and peruse the range there.

Shop at your local store and buy the guitar you try, don't be disappointed by an on line purchase